Five time per year we hold Parent Education evenings at Cougar Canyon Elementary School at 7pm. Duty Parents are required to attend to earn your childhood education hours, however all families are invited and adults who do not have a child enrolled at SHPPP are also welcome to purchase a ticket to attend for $10 (available at the door).

Upcoming speakers include:


Feb 5, 2019 - Mariana Brussoni

Marian Brussoni will be joining us to discuss “Risky Play” in our children. She is an Investigator at BC Children's Hospital
and an Academic Scientist for the BC Injury Research & Prevention Unit. She investigates the importance of outdoor risky play for children’s healthy development, and how built outdoor environments impacts children’s play.


April 2 - Jason HOdgins

Jason will be covering Kindergarten Readiness, numeracy and literacy. Jason is a Kindergarten teacher and currently works as Delta's Early Learning Coordinator. He is passionate about the importance of early years, support for all kids, the power of collaboration and the role of play in children's learning and development.


May 7 - Tannis Frame

FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING: Insights From The Front Lines & Leading Edge Science

Tap into the wisdom from leading edge scientific research to make simple shifts in your family life that will help you get out of survival mode and step firmly onto a path where you AND your children thrive. This powerful and playful evening will leave you feeling inspired as well as equipped with some ridiculously simple and super useful tools for you and your family!