Our History

Over a cup of coffee in 1965, several mothers came up with the idea to start a co-operative style preschool in their neighbourhood.

Over fifty years later, SHPPP remains a landmark in our North Delta community, with over 30 years at our current location. Nestled in the forest, we offer an inviting classroom space where our long-tenured teachers provide play-based programming for 3 and 4-year-olds.


Our Classes

We offer four classes, two parent participation and two parent involvement. Our two parent participation classes are offered in the mornings and you can choose from a two days per week and a three days per week option. Our parent involvement classes are offered in the afternoon, also with a two days per week and a three days per week option, where the two day option is an outdoor class.


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2019 Social & Silent Auction

Thank you to the fabulous sponsors who donated prizes!