What is a Parent Participation Preschool?

A Parent Participation Preschool is a preschool in which the parents, children, and teacher all participate in the learning environment.  Like other childcare centres, it is licensed under the Child Care Licensing Regulation and monitored for health and safety.  Some key differences from other preschool models include: 

  • The Preschool operates as a non-profit organization, founded and maintained by the registered families in any given school year (the Membership).

  • An Executive Committee is formed each year by volunteers from the Membership and handles the operation of the preschool and most of the decision making therein, including the hiring of trained E.C.E teachers.

  • Parents or other family members become qualified to assist at the school on "Duty Days," in accordance with licensing regulations, by completing a Criminal Record check and by satisfying certain hourly requirements before the start of the preschool year.  This will include things like attending an Information Session, reading the preschool handbook, observing a preschool class, and so on.  Parents continue to be qualified as the year unfolds by attending Parent Education seminars and working their Duty Days.

  • Families participate on a Committee to assist in the various operations of the school. The positions and duties vary and families can express a preference at registration.

How is the Parent Involvement Class different?

Parent Involvement allows parents to still be involved in the preschool and their child's education to a greater extent than most standard preschools; however, there is no requirement for duty days. Parent parents are invited to attend school with their child 4-6 times or more each year. The ratio of student to teacher is 10:1: currently set at 10 students. Snack is provided.

Like the traditional PPP classes we offer, parents are still expected to:

  • attend General meetings

  • participate in an annual school clean-up

  • hold a volunteer committee position  

Unlike our other classes at SHPPP, there will be no end-of-year scrapbooks. Parents also do not need to satisfy the Duty Person requirements that are mandated by law for adult volunteers doing Duty Days in our traditional PPP programs. 

When is registration?

Enrollment takes place in the following order:

  1. Current Families (a child in the family is currently enrolled in a preschool class and the family either registers that same child for the next class up, or registers a sibling to begin preschool)
    Registration opens on February 16, 2019

  2. Returning / Alumni families (any former family who has had a break from SHPPP, no matter how short, or a parent who attended SHPPP themselves as a child and is now registering their own child)
    Registration opens on February 23, 2019

  3. New Families
    Registration opens on March 2, 2019

An open house will be held at the preschool April 6, 2019 where you can visit the school and meet the teachers and some of the current families.

Dates for the 2020/2021 school year will be announced in January 2019.

Your child qualifies for enrollment as long as they are turning 3 in the calendar year that they begin preschool. If they turn 3 after January 1 of the school year, they may register after December 1 and must turn 3 by June 30 (and would be considered a ‘young 3’). They would then start in January.

If you wish to reserve your spot earlier by registering when spots are first opened, you may do so, but since you will be reserving a spot that can’t be filled by another student for Sept-Dec you will be required to pay for the entire year as well as hold a volunteer position for the entire year, even though your child can’t attend until January due to licensing regulations.

Can my child start preschool before they turn 3?

If you have 2 children in the school, or enroll 1 child in multiple programs, you will be expected to do Duty Days as normal for each child per program, and you will be required to take on a committee job per class (OR take 1 position on the Executive Committee).

You will only have to provide 1 deposit and purchase 1 set of Event tickets.

How does it work if I enroll more than one child or enroll in more than one class?

No, younger siblings are not able to attend, unless they are immobile infants who require breastfeeding during class. If so, they must stay in a car seat or baby carrier during class.

One of the benefits of the PPP environment is that a great community is built quickly each year. You will find many families in a similar situation who may be interested in swapping child care for siblings on duty days.

May I bring my younger child with me when I’m on duty?