Our Faculty

Our two teachers have been with SHPPP for over 20 years each and are truly at the heart of our school. Their enthusiasm for early childhood learning and the care they take with the children in their classes is unparalleled. They design and deliver evolving curriculum to meet your child's needs. Creative learning opportunities abound at SHPPP due to the attention and dedication of the teachers. 

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Lori Hodder

Since starting her early childhood education career in 1988, Lori has worked in a variety of early learning programs including the Centre for Child Development, the Corporation of Delta and the Surrey School District. 

Teacher Lori began working at Sunshine Hills Parent Participation Preschool in 1995. She believes children are competent and capable learners and that our role as adults is to enhance their natural curiosity to create and explore while they build and strengthen their relationships with peers.

As an alumni family of SHPPP, Teacher Lori feels a strong sense of responsibility to ensure that current and future families have the same wonderful experience her family had at the ‘little preschool in the woods’. Her favourite part of the preschool day is opening the door and welcoming the children to the adventures that await!

Teacher Lori is at preschool on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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Cathy Morriset

Teacher Cathy believes in the philosophy of a play based preschool, allowing children to learn through interacting with each other and their environment. Every year she looks forward to watching and encouraging the huge developments each child experiences as they move through ages three and four.  

Cathy graduated with her ECE from Douglas College in 1976 and a certificate in Special Education from Kwantlen in 1997. She was involved in a parent participation preschool as a mother, with her two daughters, working many different jobs within the four years she volunteered at the school. She started working at Sunshine Hills Parent Participation Preschool in 1988. She is well loved for her years of experience and the steadiness her calm temperament, consistency and patience bring to the preschool.

Teacher Cathy is with us on Tuesdays, Thursday, and Fridays.